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Project growth and development

Supervision and Reporting

The longer you run volunteering projects, the more routine the particular requirements, reporting and feedback become. However, it can initially feel a bit intimidating so these are some guidelines for seeing through to the core needs and achieving success:

  • If you are planning bigger changes to the initially agreed upon activities for your programme, the National Agency should be included: 
  • email them your proposed changes and invite their feedback as the National Agencies have a lot of experience in dealing with diverse groups and countries’ regulations and expectations. 

Feedback and Evaluation

After each group of Volunteers, it is a good idea to receive feedback on how Volunteer Coordination worked – via the different stages and phases as described in How to Run a Programme.

  • It is important to invite feedback from all the different groups of people involved.
  • At the same time, also keep in mind that not everyone is familiar with eco-communities and with our sustainable ways of doing things, so be clear and precise with your communications.

Creating Partnerships with local Organisations and Projects

By approaching local organisations and projects, the opportunities for the Volunteers increase with regard to their personal projects. 

The benefits:

  • A broader experience and more diverse and fun activities for Volunteers 
  • Volunteers’ integration into the local area (benefiting their learning and personal development) 
  • Higher awareness about European citizenship and International interconnection.
There need to be clear agreements with the organisations and projects to avoid miscommunication i.e. it’s up to each Volunteer to decide if they want to take on a given extra opportunity as a personal project. 
Useful Templates

The following templates should help you fulfil most of your National Agency obligations: